On foot, by bike, on horseback, by boat ….. or simply sitting to contemplate these preserved lands…

At all seasons, La Hague reveals the purity of its light and its colors with infinite shades. The landscapes form paintings with magical shades where the sea plays with the sky until the dazzling twilight.

In the evenings, the light of the night still offers variations of skies ranging from the darkest black, of legends or smuggling, to the revelation of constellations and «star rains » which give vertigo by their number and beauty.

Within this site classified by the DREAL, in a registered village and a preserved environment with wild and exceptional beauty, our Hotel is an ideal refuge to radiate and discover the Cotentin:

Whether you are looking to escape for a weekend or more, according to your desires, in this part of the world that invites you to travel, we will suggest some hiking loops, visits, discoveries and good restaurants of La Hague:

La malle aux épices, le restaurant La Hague, le Petit Crabe, l’Auberge des Grottes, Le Racine, La bruyèreles Tamarins et la Cabane des Tamarins, Le Café du Port, l’Auberge des Goubelins, Le Moulin à ventL’angelus à Greville-hague, la crêperie La Gravelette, La  Renardière, Le fish and chips du port de Goury”.

From April to September, La Hague Tourism Office also offers a wide choice of themed hikes : La Hague Tourisme et Cotentin Tourisme.

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Aux alentours de la Hague

West side

The wonderful coastal path linking GR 223 and the old customs trail, furrows between land and sea, revealing a path marked by legends:
the bay of Ecalgrain, the cliffs of the Nez de Jobourg. Then Vauville, with its manor and its superb botanical garden.

Then come the nature reserve of the Mare de Vauville, gateway to the dunes of Biville, and the majestic expanse of the Anse de Vauville…

Aux alentours de la Hague

East side

The smallest port in France, Port Racine, hidden near the house of Jacques Prévert and gardens in his honor.

Anse Saint Martin …. A stone’s throw away, the house of Jean-François Millet and the landscapes of the painter. Then, the impressive manor farm of Tourp, high place of culture. Still in the direction of Landemer, dear to Boris Vian, the manor of Dur Ecu and the castle of Nacqueville and its sublime park, close the doors of La Hague.